AUA invites students who are interested in AUA to sample our courses on an individual basis prior to applying or enrolling in our graduate programs. Such students are called non-degree students. Non-degree students can receive credit for individual courses and later apply this credit toward completion of the desired degree after they are admitted to the corresponding academic program.


Prospective non-degree students should refer to the non-degree status policy at for detailed information regarding the non-degree student status acceptance process and standards for enrollment. The typical non-degree student should hold an undergraduate degree and be proficient in English. Proof of English proficiency should be provided through the TOEFL iBT or IELTS exams. In rare cases, highly qualified undergraduates in their final year of undergraduate studies may be admitted at the Program Chair’s discretion. Academic programs may allow non-degree students to take specific courses for a grade or on a pass/fail basis.

Upon receiving the approval of the respective Program Chair and the Registrar, an individual becomes a non-degree student and may register for one or more course(s) per term. The total number of credits which a non-degree student may apply toward an AUA graduate degree shall not exceed 25% of the credits required for that degree. Non-degree students must remain in good standing to continue to take courses at AUA.

Non-degree studies is currently not an option at the undergraduate level.

If you are interested in pursuing non-degree studies, first speak with a representative from the Program in which you are interested. Then complete the Application for Enrollment in Non-Degree Programs at by the deadlines listed in the Admissions Calendar.