Our Work-Studies

3rd year Undergraduate Student in Business

I grew up in Tehran, Iran. At a young age, I moved to Yerevan with my family to continue my studies. After completing high school at the Iranian Embassy school in Yerevan, I was accepted to AUA as a business student. That same year, I started volunteering as a Student Ambassador in the Office of Admissions. I am active on campus, having joined the AUA Volunteer’s League and our very own campus “the Bridge” newspaper.

This past year, I was hired as a work-study in the Office of Admissions where I enjoy providing campus tours and speaking to potential applicants and their families in Farsi, Armenian, and English.


2nd year Undergraduate Student in Business

I am Lusine from Yerevan. Here at AUA, I major in Business and will graduate with my Bachelor's degree in 2021. So far, I thoroughly enjoy my college and the opportunities that it provides me.

My friends describe me as energetic, sociable and caring. Now I am so excited to be working in the Office of Admissions where I want to help prospective students apply to amazing AUA. I know English and Armenian, have experience in leading tours, and am ready to answer every question you might have. My advice to you? Stop by our office to ask any questions you may have and make sure to participate in the events we organize!


2nd year Undergraduate Student in Business

Привет! I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I moved to Vanadzor, Armenia at the age of seven for my studies. Now, I am in my second year of studies at the American University of Armenia where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business with a focus on Economics.

Outside of my studies, I can't imagine myself without drawing, listening to music, and helping others. It is because of this last point that I now work as a work-study in the Office of Admissions. Here, I combine my knowledge of Russian, Armenian and English languages to speak to potential students and their parents about the application process, AUA, and student life. I look forward to meeting you at our office to answer your questions!



Admissions Counselor

Born in Beirut, I spent my childhood and adolescence in this charming and special city in the heart of the Middle East.  After completing my undergraduate studies in Chemistry at the Lebanese American University, I graduated from the American University of Beirut  with an MS in Environmental Sciences. Currently, I serve as the Communications Director and Programs Coordinator of the Armenian General Benevolent Union where I oversee and monitor all project activities as well as develop and implement communications strategies. Since September 2017, I have also been serving as the face of AUA’s admissions team in Lebanon. In my role, I support students/families interested in pursuing their education at the American University of Armenia.

My passion? Community service. I cannot explain in words how fulfilled I am when giving back to the community. I am really grateful to have had the chance to share my knowledge and my proven talent for implementing and managing complex and ambitious plans not only in Beirut but rather in the regions of my homeland, Armenia, where I supported the Bridge for Civil Society Organizations and Together for Armenia in empowering the youth, women, and the disabled. When I’m not working or involved in community service, you’ll find me jogging on Beirut’s seaside promenade “Corniche”.  And let’s not forget the Pilates and Body Combat classes for my mental sanity!