AUA offers study abroad programs that combine strong academics with a life-changing experience.

Have the semester of a lifetime while continuing your education at a U.S.-accredited university!

Participants can choose from a range of courses to match their university academic plans. Whether you are interested in having the summer of a lifetime, while continuing your education at a U.S.-accredited institution, or want to spend one or two semesters abroad, Study Abroad AUA is for you.

Highlights of Study Abroad AUA

  • Inspiring cultural excursions through the Discover Armenia Educational Tours
  • Living in one of the most ancient cities of the world often dubbed as an open air museum
  • Meeting students from all around the world
  • Taking advantage of Yerevan’s lively music and arts scene
  • State-of-the-art facilities and off-campus dormitories 
  • Possibility of easy course transfer thanks to AUA’s accreditation and UC affiliation

Available Courses

Students interested in spending their Fall and/or Spring semesters at AUA should check out our Academic Catalog while those interested in Summer 2017 should visit Additional courses are available over the summer outside the scope of Summer Program 2017. Please visit to view the schedule of these courses. Students who only register for these courses will not be able to take part in the Discover Armenia Education tours.  

Discover Armenia Educational Tours

Complement your academics with the “Discover Armenia” Educational Tour and fully immerse yourself into Armenia’s evolution from ancient times to the present. Join knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides on excursions both inside and outside of Yerevan. Visit churches, castles, fortresses, and more nestled in the mountains, valleys, and fields of this ancient land. Get to know the country. Take in the sights, sounds and flavors and feel at home in Armenia.

Study Abroad Program Deadlines

Study Abroad Summer 2017 Semester – June 1, 2017*
Study Abroad Fall 2017 Semester – June 1, 2017
Study Abroad Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Semesters – June 1, 2017
Study Abroad Spring 2018 Semester – November 1, 2017

* We strongly encourage applicants to apply by the June 1 deadline. While the Office of Admissions will continue to consider Summer Program applications submitted after the deadline, scholarship funds are limited and priority will be given to those applicants who apply by June 1.  

Study Abroad Summer Semester Fees

Program Price
Application Fee Free of charge 
1st Course  480,000AMD
2nd Course 384,000AMD
Administrative Fee* 325,000AMD

* The Summer Program Administrative Fee covers the cost of pick-up drop off from the airport, Discover Armenia Educational Tours, pre-departure orientations, student service fees, mandatory Armenia based health insurance, taxes, and more. 

Study Abroad Fall/Spring Semester Fees

Program Price
Application Fee 30,000AMD
Per Semester Tuition Costs** 1,750,000AMD
Administrative Fee*** 530,000AMD

* The summer program course and administrative fee covers the entire cost of the course, course required excursions, other Yerevan based and regional visits through the Discover Armenia Educational Tours, and in-country health insurance.

** The per semester tuition cost applies to those students enrolled as full-time study abroad students for one semester. For study abroad students pursuing less than a full-time load, the tuition will be calculated on a per credit basis. Refer to for more information.

*** The administrative fee covers the cost of pick-up drop off from the airport, Discover Armenia Educational Tours, pre-departure orientations, student service fees, mandatory Armenia based health insurance, taxes, and more. 


AUA offers merit based scholarships to Summer Program students. Scholarships may be awarded for up to 50% of the course fees. If you are interested in learning more about the Summer Programs scholarship, please download the Scholarship Application for Summer Program application here and/or email with any questions you may have.

How to Apply

Complete the Study Abroad Application and all required supplements. For questions regarding your application, contact the Office of Admissions at

Room & Board

Yerevan offers an affordable lifestyle and infrastructure for university students. The average monthly living costs for foreign students in Yerevan are in the range of $600-$1,000 per month (in addition to tuition fees). You can choose to eat outside at any of the hundreds of cafes or restaurants in the city, order takeout through,  or take advantage of the on campus Tomas’s Cafeteria or Green Bean Cafe. 

As of Summer 2016, AUA opened a small and quaint dormitory located directly behind the University at Sose 36. The first floor of the dormitory houses male students while the second floor our female students. The dormitory offers newly renovated double rooms, a shared kitchenette on each floor, and bathrooms and showers. 

To learn more about AUA’s dormitory or alternative housing options, please visit or email