AUA UCLA Joint Summer Courses – June 15 – July 17, 2015

CHSS 129- Global Perspectives and Site Stories: The Path of Armenia from the Past Into the Future
3 semester credits (AUA) or 5 quarter credits (UCLA)
Instructor: Gregory Areshian
Prerequisite: Enrollment open to current undergraduate and graduate students, or with consent of the instructor in other individual cases.
Course Dates: Mondays through Fridays, two hours a day from June 15 – July 17

This course takes a close look at the historical, cultural, political, global, and economic factors surrounding Armenia’s reemergence as an independent state in the late 20th century and its trajectory in the 21st century.   Students will become acquainted with the main events and factors shaping contemporary Armenia and analyze different interpretations of the recent and more distant past as a frame for thinking about current events and longer term scenarios for the Armenian state and nation, placing an emphasis on global and regional issues. The course will be instructor-led, supplemented by group discussion, and may include visits to cultural or historic sites as well as individual or group projects.

AUA Summer 2015 Courses

MATH111 – Discrete Math
3 semester credits or 5 quarter credits
Course Dates: June 15 – August 7, 3 sessions per week, 6 hours per week

This is an introduction to discrete mathematics and discrete structures. The course examines topics including: propositional logic; Boolean algebra; introduction to set algebra; infinite sets; relations and functions; recurrences; proof techniques; introduction to number theory; elementary combinatorics and graph theory; applications to computer science. Students should be able to apply discrete numerical methods to solve problems which arise in computational sciences. Three hours of instructor-led class time per week 1 including discussions and problem sets.

CS052 Intro to Java and C++ Programming
3 semester credits or 5 quarter credits
Course Dates:  TBD

This is an introduction to object-oriented programming using Java and C++. The course prepares students for the COMP121 Data Structures and Algorithms course, as well as other CS and CIS courses that rely on Java and C++ programming skills. The course covers main OOP concepts, Java and C++ syntax structures and classes.