You should carefully consider the financing of your education at AUA from the time of admission to the completion of your degree. Upon enrollment, students sign a contract with AUA, establishing tuition for the duration of the contract. All fees are paid in AMD (֏).

At the time of registration, applicants are classified as:

  • Citizens of the Republic of Armenia*
  • Holders of Armenian Special Passports for Special Residency Status (commonly known as the 10-year visa)
  • International Students

* The term “citizens” of the Republic of Armenia also includes those citizens mentioned in Chapter 1, Article 6, Clause 3 of the Republic of Armenia Law on Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education.

Citizens of Armenia can learn more about the various Tuition Assistance Programs available to them while International Students can apply for merit scholarships (download the Application for International Scholarships) that may cover up to 50% of their tuition.

The annual tuition fee for students enrolled in Undergraduate Degree Programs for the 2016-2017 academic year before financial aid is as follows:

  Citizens of the
Republic of Armenia*
ArmenianSpecial Passport Holders  International
BA in Business 1,750,000 ֏ 1,750,000 ֏ 3,750,000 ֏
BS in Computer Science 1,250,000 ֏ 1,250,000 ֏  3,250,000 ֏
BA in English and Communications 1,250,000 ֏ 1,250,000 ֏  3,250,000 ֏


The annual tuition fee** for students enrolled full-time in Graduate Degree programs for the 2015 – 2016/17 academic year before financial aid is as follows:


 Citizens of the
Republic of Armenia*

Armenian Special Passport Holders 


Master of Business Administration 1,400,000 ֏  1,400,000 ֏  3,400,000 ֏
Master of Science in Economics (cost for two semesters)*** 960,000 ֏  960,000 ֏  2,460,000 ֏
Master of Laws 1,250,000 ֏  1,250,000 ֏  3,250,000 ֏
Master of Political Science and International Affairs 1,250,000 ֏  1,250,000 ֏  3,250,000 ֏
Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language 1,250,000 ֏  1,250,000 ֏  3,250,000 ֏
Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Systems Management 1,250,000 ֏  1,250,000 ֏  3,250,000 ֏
Master of Science in Computer and Information Science 1,250,000 ֏  1,250,000 ֏  3,250,000 ֏
Master of Public Health 1,250,000 ֏  1,250,000 ֏  3,250,000 ֏


** The cost of tuition for the Professional MBA, part-time studies, and non-degree studies varies from the cost for full-time studies.

*** The MS in Economics is typically a 16-month program completed in four semesters. The tuition for the entire program for Citizens of Armenia* and Armenian Special Passport Holders is 1,920,000 ֏ while tuition for international students is 4,920,000 ֏.

 ****AUA policy is that no Armenian citizen admitted to AUA will be denied study because of demonstrated financial need, as determined by the AUA Financial Aid Committee based on a number of factors. Applicants should visit for specifics regarding available financial aid.


The Cost of Tuition for Professional MBA, part-time studies, and non-degree studies (including certificate programs) beginning in Fall 2016:

  Citizens of the
Republic of Armenia
Armenian Special Passport Holders  International
BA in Business 75,000 ֏/credit 75,000 ֏/credit 155,000 ֏/credit
BA in English & Communications and BS in Computer Science 52,000 ֏/credit 52,000 ֏/credit 135,000 ֏/credit
PMBA and FTMBA 60,000 ֏/credit 60,000 ֏/credit 160,000 ֏/credit
MSE 75,000 ֏/credit 75,000 ֏/credit 220,000 ֏/credit
LL.M. 105,000 ֏/credit 105,000 ֏/credit  275,000 ֏/credit
All Other Graduate Programs (including Certificate Programs) 52,000 ֏/credit 52,000 ֏/credit  135,000 ֏/credit