Military Deferment

We are updating our policies and procedures related to military deferment as a result of the recent adoption of the Law of the Republic of Armenia on Military Service and Status of Military Serviceman. Please check back later for more information. The below is information related to AUA’s practice of Military Deferment prior to this change in law.

The Ministry of Education and Science will notify AUA of the total number of military deferment spots allocated for our undergraduate students by May 2018.

As the number of military deferment spots is  limited, the process of receiving military deferment is competitive. Only applicants who submit complete applications, including proof of English language proficiency (either through the TOEFL iBT or IELTS exams) and proof of math proficiency (either through the AUA e-Math Test or SAT exams) by the Early and/or Regular Admissions Deadline date, will be considered for military deferment.

In choosing recipients, the Undergraduate Military Deferment Committee, appointed by the Provost, factors in officially reported entrance exam scores at a weight of 75% and academic grades at a weight of 25%.

Full weights per program are as follows:

English Test Score Math Test Score High School Grades
BA in Business 37.5% 37.5%  


BA in English & Communications 50% 25%
BS in Computer Science, BS in Engineering Sciences, BS in Data Science 25% 50%

All military deferment applicants will be notified by mid-July 2018 of their status. Please visit the Military Deferment for Graduate and Undergraduate Programs Policy for more information on eligibility, selection criteria, and more.