My Story

Anahit Tashchyan


Yerevan, Armenia

High School: No․ 114 after Kh. Dashtents
Program of Study: BA in Business
Graduation Year: 2024

“At AUA, your number one duty is to create and innovate.”

Hey everyone! I’m Anahit. Even though I have been studying at AUA for only a few months, I’ve already gained so much. And although classes are held online, my peers and I stay connected through social media. It’s been really easy to make friends at AUA and become part of this big family. For me, applying to the BAB program was a no brainer. The program offers exciting and informative classes.. Each one improves my knowledge in different areas, gives me opportunities to think outside the box, and takes me out of my comfort zone.

Before my acceptance to AUA, I had high expectations. I am so glad to say that my expectations have been completely surpassed. The AUA professors and staff show me and my fellow peers great respect, support, and kindness. They teach and encourage me to be myself, but at the same time, try new things.

A little about myself. Whenever I have the time I go for walks, read, play basketball, or spend time with loved ones. For me it is also quite important to take time for myself and reflect. This helps me to realize how lucky I actually am.

My 2 Looma
Applicants: Just be yourself, That’s what AUA values the most.

Future Students: Don’t worry too much, life has its challenges. But we learn to handle them more effectively. Live in the moment and try to enjoy every single minute of your time at AUA. Make as many memories as you can and get the most out of this university.