Certificate Open Classes – Fall 2021

Some of the listed Open Classes may not be available for prospective applicants. We will notify you via email if your requested course is not available.


Get a first-hand glimpse of AUA’s academic experience.

AUA’s Open Classes are actual classes that are open to all prospective students at no cost. They are the perfect opportunity for you to see what classes at AUA are like. By becoming a student for a day, you can experience our academics, see our class dynamics, and learn first hand from faculty.

Interested in registering? Here is what you need to do: 

1. Select your preferred program of interest to review the list of available courses.
2. Register by emailing your preferred course(s) and class date(s) to [email protected] at least 3 working days in advance for confirmation of class availability. Not all requests are approved.
3. Once you have confirmation from the Office of Admissions, visit our office (located in the Main Building Room 108M) at least 15 minutes prior to the start of Class. One of our Admissions Counselors will provide you with an Open Class Visit Form and direct you to the classroom. You cannot attend an Open Class without the Visit Form.

Some notes: 

•  Weekdays are listed using the following abbreviations: M for Monday, T for Tuesday, W for Wednesday, R for Thursday, F for Friday, and S for Saturday.
•  You may register to sample a specific class only once.
•  Open Classes are not available during mid-term, final, and other exams.
•  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at [email protected] or via phone at +374 60 61 27 50.

Graduate Certificate in Translation
Title Start Date End Date Week Days Start Time End Time Instructor Name
Introduction to Translation Studies 8/25/2021 12/8/2021 W 18:30 21:00 Shushan Avagyan
History and Theories of Translation 8/25/2021 12/8/2021 T R 18:30 19:45 Davit Isajanyan
Graduate Certificate in Hotel and Hospitality Management
Title Start Date End Date Week Days Start Time End Time Instructor Name
Principles of Hospitality Marketing 8/26/2021 9/9/2021 T R 18:30 21:20 Zarmine Zeitountsian
Corporate Communications in Hospitality 8/30/2021 11/1/2021 M 18:30 21:20 Zarmine Zeitountsian
Hospitality Pricing and Sales 8/25/2021 9/22/2021 W 18:30 21:20 Ana Sagrian
Hospitality Marketing 9/14/2021 9/30/2021 T R 18:30 21:20 Zarmine Zeitountsian
Strategic and Financial Management 10/5/2021 12/7/2021 T 18:30 21:20 Aharon Levonyan
Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Title Start Date End Date Week Days Start Time End Time Instructor Name
Teaching Language Skills 8/31/2021 12/7/2021 T 12:00 14:50 Talin Grigorian
Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics
Title Start Date End Date Week Days Start Time End Time Instructor Name
Deep Learning 8/25/2021 12/8/2021 M W F 10:30 11:20 Michael Poghosyan