My Story

Dayana Amirkhanyan


Vanadzor, Armenia

High School: Basic College of Vanadzor State University after H. Tumanyan
Program of Study: BA in English & Communications
Graduation Year: 2023
Work Experience to date: Peer mentor at AUA, Community Mobilizer, Teacher at Dasa2

“AUA is one of the best stages for me to perform and realize my potential. My campus is my best friend. It is always with me, and serves as a big and shiny light in my life. Everyday, every second, AUA shapes my today and my future”.

Hi! My name is Dayana. I am pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in English & Communications. Why E&C? It is the program that will guide me to reach my long-term goals. First, it has a high-quality educational system. The program’s goals, faculty, and courses all led me to want to study in the liberal arts setting that E&C provides. Through this program, I can be a positive part of the E&C and AUA communities. We are taught to speak up, think creatively, and voice our own opinions.

The flexibility of my class schedule affords me the ability to pursue internships and gain real life experience. I study with students coming from a diverse set of backgrounds. By exchanging my culture with foreigners, I understand our differences and similarities. It also helps me increase my knowledge of other cultures and their politics. Besides my core classes, I take different courses that enhance my worldly wisdom, something that will help in every profession.
I am also an active citizen, volunteering my time regularly and am ready to support anyone in need.

My 2 looma:
Applicants:Be honest and be you. Also prepare for your exams earlier, practice as much English as you can, and do NOT plagiarize or procrastinate.

Future students:^_^ Always remember that education is the best road to achieve your goals. University matters because it has a big role in all of our lives. Be positive, stay positive, think about new ideas, learn new things, and study constantly!