Frequently Asked Questions

Updated August 31, 2023. The information on this page is general and may be subject to change. We strongly encourage you to check the website of your preferred field of study for detailed information regarding the programs, as well as review the American University of Armenia’s Graduate Admissions Policies for graduate admissions process and more. For any unanswered questions by the FAQs, contact the Office of Admissions at [email protected].


1. What graduate degrees does AUA offer?

AUA offers the following graduate degrees:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science in Management and Analytics (MSMA) - pending RA MOESCS approval
  • Master of Science in Economics (MSE)
  • Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (MEIESM)
  • Master of Science in Computer and Information Science (MSCIS)
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)
  • Master of Arts in Human Rights and Social Justice (MAHRSJ)
  • Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy (MAIRD)
  • Master of Public Affairs (MPA)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (MATEFL)
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)

We recommend you review these programs in detail on our Graduate Academic Programs page.

2. What certificate programs does AUA offer?

AUA offers the following graduate certificate programs:

  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (CTEFL)
  • Graduate Certificate in Translation (CTr)
  • Graduate Certificate in Hotel and Hospitality Management (CHHM)
  • Graduate Executive Certificate in Management (ECM) 
  • Graduate Certificate in Finance (CF) 
  • Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics (CDA)
  • You can find detailed information regarding these programs here.


    Yes, AUA invites students who are interested in AUA to sample our courses on an individual basis prior to applying or enrolling in our graduate programs. Such individuals are defined as non-degree students. For more information regarding non-degree studies, visit here, and read the AUA Non-Degree Status policy.

    4. What is the language of instruction at AUA?

    The language of instruction at AUA is English.

    5. Does AUA offer evening classes?

    Yes. Currently, the Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Management and Analytics, Master of Laws, Master of Arts in Human Rights and Social Justice, Master of International Relations and Diplomacy, Master of Public Affairs programs offer evening classes that typically start at 6:30pm. The Master of Science in Economics and Master of Public Health programs classes typically commence at 3:30pm. 

    6. How long does it take to earn a graduate degree?

    Most graduate programs at AUA require two academic years of full-time study to complete. The only exceptions are

    • MSM - typically a summer-fall-spring-summer program
    • MSE - typically a fall-spring-summer program
    • MAHRSJ / MAIRD / MPA / MATEFL - typically fall-spring-summer-fall programs
    • MBA students may choose to complete the program within 24, 28 or 36 months
    7. Does AUA offer part-time studies?

    In rare cases, upon prior approval of the corresponding program chair, students may study part-time and graduate within three academic years. Talk to the Program Chair of your preferred program to discuss this option.

    8. Does AUA offer any online programs (distance learning)?

    No, AUA does not offer any online programs (distance learning) unless otherwise declared by the Government of Armenia in case States of Emergency.

    9. Can I attend an Open Class at AUA that may help me to make a better decision before applying?

    Yes, AUA typically offers Open Classes at the Graduate level. These are actual classes that prospective students can attend one time, at no cost. Email the program of your interest to find information on class schedule, registration process and the list of courses available.


    No. To change your program of study, you must permanently withdraw from the program you are currently enrolled in at AUA and reapply for admission, indicating your preferred program of study, and follow all admissions requirements and deadlines. Visit our Program and Major Change policy for more information.


    1. Where can I find information about tuition rates?

    Graduate tuition rates are listed here.

    2. Where can I find information about FINANCIAL AID OPTIONS that AUA OFFERS?

    AUA is committed to providing the best possible education for its students. For citizens of the Republic of Armenia and holders of Armenian Special Passport for Special Residency status, AUA provides an automatic 2,000,000 AMD subsidy off the total cost of their education. The University also offers need-based tuition assistance to citizens of Armenia with demonstrated financial need that may discount the cost of education further by up to 90%. There are also a limited number of scholarships available for academically gifted students. Last but not least, international students are eligible for merit-based scholarships that may cover up to 50% of tuition.

    Visit this page to learn more about the various tools available to help support you in financing your education, and contact a Financial Aid Counselor at [email protected] to set up your own personal consultation.

    3. As an RA citizen, when should I submit my Tuition Assistance Application? Do I need to receive an offer of admission first and only then apply for the assistance?

    No! If you plan on applying for tuition assistance (available to citizens of Armenia only), you must submit a separate application to the Office of Financial Aid at the same time that you apply for admission. So if you plan on applying by early admission, you must apply for the tuition assistance by the Financial Aid’s first (early) deadline. For more information about financial aid, visit For a list of their deadlines, visit

    4. As an International applicant, when should I submit my application for an International Scholarship?

    If you plan on applying for an international scholarship, you must submit a separate Application for International Scholarship to the Office of Financial Aid according to the deadline set by the Financial Aid office here. However, we encourage you to submit the application as soon as possible, when submitting your application for admission.

    5. I plan on applying for Armenia’s 10 year Special Residency Status. Can I apply to AUA now or should I wait until I receive the special residency?

    You may apply to AUA even if you do not hold your 10 year special residency status yet. By the time you receive your special residency status, you will be considered as an international student. If admitted and enrolled, you will need to sign a contract with AUA. Therefore, immediately when you receive your special residency status, make sure to email its scanned copy to the Office of Admissions at g[email protected]. If for some reason there is a delay in receiving your 10 year residency status, please contact the Office of the Registrar to inquire about the possibility of reassessing your tuition.


    1. Who can apply for admission to a graduate program at AUA?

    Anyone who meets the AUA general and program-specific graduate admission requirements as listed here may apply for a graduate study program at AUA.

    2. What are the Graduate General Admission requirements?
    You can find information regarding the requirements here. We are also listing them below:
  • Satisfy the English Language Proficiency Requirement
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), or be currently enrolled in the final year of studies, from an accredited or licensed institution of higher education. Admitted students must submit proof of graduation prior to the start of classes at AUA
  • Submit a complete AUA Application for Admission to Graduate Study
  • 3. Who is eligible to apply for an English Language Proficiency Test Waiver?

    Native and near-native speakers are eligible for an English Language Proficiency test waiver. For more information, please read the English Language Proficiency Test Waiver policy. To apply for a waiver, submit an online Application for Waivers at

    AUA graduates within past five years do not need to apply for a waiver, they receive it automatically.

    4. Is there a minimum score for the TOEFL iBT and IELTS Academic Tests?

    For information regarding the target scores and automatic denial thresholds visit here.

    5. How should I report my TOEFL iBT or IELTS Academic official test scores to AUA?

    For AUA to receive your official TOEFL iBT test score(s), you must indicate AUA’s institution code (4151) at the time of registration. For the IELTS Academic test, you must indicate AUA’s institution code (40 Baghramyan Ave, Yerevan) during your exam. 


    For information regarding the target scores and available internal assessment options visit here.

    Applicants must ensure that valid test scores are reported electronically to AUA directly by the testing service on or by the published deadline date to which they are applying. To do so, please make sure to include AUA’s institution codes as follows:
  • GRE code 0676
  • GMAT code 0284 
  • LSAT test takers should provide us with their LSAT account number. We will then get the official score report from the LSAC.
  • 8. I forgot to list AUA as a score report recipient. What can I do?

    You should request an additional score report through your test account and indicate AUA as a score report recipient by putting our institution codes as listed under 2a and 2b in our Application Requirements page. However, note that this will cost you an additional fee and take more time. 

    Application Process and Requirements

    1. How should I apply to a graduate program at AUA?

    You should submit a complete online Application for Admission to Graduate Study at by a published admission deadline date.

    2. Can I apply to more than one program?

    Yes. In your application, you can mention a first and second choice programs of interest. While you need to submit one application, you must write a separate statement of purpose for each program.

    3. Is there a specific date when I must submit my application?

    Yes. Refer to our Deadline Dates for detailed information.

    4. What if I forgot to attach a required document to my application?

    It is your responsibility to submit a complete application. If you forgot to send a required document, please immediately contact the Office of Admissions and make sure to send those missing documents via email to [email protected].

    Note that only complete and eligible applications are considered for admission!

    5. If I retake an exam after the deadline date, will my new score be considered?

    If you take an official entrance exam after the deadline to which you submitted your application and want us to consider your score, note that it will result in moving your application to the next deadline (if available) for consideration. No new information will be considered after the Rolling Admissions deadline (Regular Admissions for MSM applicants). Please make sure you notify us of this change by emailing [email protected]. Make sure to also send us your official test score. 

    6. How do I pay my application fee?

    Your application fee may be paid online or through a bank transfer. You should pay the application fee after you submit your application. We strongly encourage applicants to make payments online as it may take up to 10 business days for your account to reflect a bank transfer. 

    Recommendation Letters

    1. How many recommendation letters should I submit?

    Two recommendation letters. Your application will not be considered complete without the submission of both recommendation letters. If you are applying to more than one program, you still should submit only two recommendation letters.

    2. Am I required to use AUA’s recommendation letter template?

    Yes. You may download the form directly from your online application or from our Applications Requirements page under step 3. Hard copies of recommendation letters are not accepted.

    3. Who should write my recommendation letters?

    The best recommenders are those who know you well and can fully assess your ability to perform and succeed in your graduate level studies. Recommendations typically come from current or former professors and/or supervisors from a job or internship.  The recommender cannot be a friend or a family member.

    4. Will AUA accept a recommendation letter in a language other than English?

    While AUA prefers recommendation letters in English, we also accept them in Armenian and in rare cases - Russian. However, please note that your recommender must complete your recommendation using the AUA template, which is only available in English and Armenian.

    5. How can I submit a recommendation letter?

    Each recommender must complete the form and send it via email as an attachment to [email protected], by putting your name and the abbreviation of your selected program on the subject line.

    6. Who should complete the Applicant’s Information on the First Page of the recommendation letter?

    The applicant should fill in his/her part on the forms and then send the forms to the recommenders to complete. Once they complete the file, they should email it to [email protected] directly.


    7. Should I attach the recommendation letters to my application?

    No. AUA will not consider any recommendation letter attached to your online application. Since recommendation letters are confidential, they must be submitted by your recommenders via email. 

    8. What happens if my recommender submits my letter after the deadline date?

    In order for your application to be considered complete, you must ensure that you meet all requirements by the deadline date to which you plan on applying, including the submission of your recommendation letters. If your recommender delays the submission of your letter, then please note that your application will be marked incomplete.

    9. Can I use a recommendation letter I have submitted previously?

    Yes, you may use a recommendation letter previously submitted with your AUA application as long as it is valid. Recommendation letters are valid for one year. If you plan to use a valid recommendation letter(s) from a previous AUA application, send an email to [email protected] detailing which recommendation letter you would like to be considered by the application submission deadline.

    Since recommendation letters must be submitted on the AUA template, you cannot use recommendations provided to you for other purposes.


    1. When and how will I be notified of my admissions decision?

    Applicants who submit complete applications will receive notification of their admission status via email, up to twelve weeks after the deadline to which they applied. Rolling decisions are typically released much earlier.

    2. Can I appeal my admissions decision?

    No. Decisions made by the Graduate Admissions Committee cannot be appealed.

    3. Can I change my degree program after being admitted?

    Once admitted to an AUA graduate program, you may not change to another degree program. If you are certain that you want to change your degree program, you must first withdraw from the graduate program to which you have been admitted.  Once you have done so, you will have to reapply to your desired program. If application deadlines have passed, you must wait for the next round of admission. Please visit our Program and Major Change policy for more information.


    No. AUA practices holistic admissions. We select students who have the skills and ability to succeed at AUA and to assure that AUA is well suited to their educational and career goals. 

    As admission to AUA is also competitive, both the Academic Program Admissions and the Graduate Admissions Committees consider your academic and personal information, including academic credentials, professional experience, graduate entrance exam scores, the statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and the interview, if you are invited to one.

    Visa and Housing

    1. As an international student, do I need a visa to study in Armenia?

    Most foreign nationals need valid travel documents to enter Armenia. If required, individuals must ensure that they apply for and obtain a passport in time to obtain the necessary visas for Armenia. Some countries require that passports have a minimum of six months validity for travel purposes. 

    Most foreign nationals will be able to obtain a visa at the airport in Yerevan upon arrival for a cost of 15,000 AMD. This single-entry visa is valid for 120 days from your date of entry. You may also obtain a visa from your local Armenian embassy or consulate or via Armenia’s e-visa system (


    • AUA issues a letter of invitation for admitted nationals of certain countries to apply for and receive an entry visa to Armenia from Armenia’s diplomatic posts abroad.  A list of these countries is posted here.
    • Nationals of certain countries do not need to obtain an entry visa to travel to Armenia. They can stay in the Republic of Armenia for up to 180 days per year. A list of these countries is posted here
    • Once you are in Armenia, AUA will assist you in renewing your visa.

    For more information about the requirements for your country of citizenship please visit Armenia’s Foreign Ministry website at

    2. Does AUA offer student housing?

    Yes. Please visit our Housing page for detailed information.


    1. Is an AUA degree recognized outside of Armenia?

    Yes. The American University of Armenia is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, 1001 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 402, Alameda, CA 94501, 510.748.9001,


    AUA’s faculty brings world-class education, teaching, and professional experience to the classrooms and students of the University. They hold advanced degrees from renowned universities including Cambridge, Columbia, Harvard, McGill, MIT, Moscow State, Stanford, Yerevan State, and others. They represent a range of professional experiences including CEOs of leading local companies, entrepreneurs, technology consultants, IT visionaries, media professionals, published authors, government advisors, partners at major global accounting firms, bankers, and more.


    According to the Law of the Republic of Armenia on Military Service and the Status of Military Serviceman, universities do not provide military deferment to admitted students. If you are interested in obtaining military deferment, please check with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports for spots allocated to students who have considerable achievements in the fields of education, science, arts, sports, and/or culture.