My Story

Gohar Geghamyan


Yerevan, Armenia

High School: Physics and Mathematics Specialized School after Artashes Shahinyan under the YSU
Program of Study: BS in Data Science
Graduation Year: 2023
Work experience to date:
Summer Intern as:
-Data Labeler for Armenia National SDG Innovation Lab
-Tech Content Writer and Market Researcher for Darpass
Work-Study at the Office of Admissions, AUA

“AUA is a place to have fun, make friends, and of course (most importantly :), study. Here you feel free, you feel motivated, and you feel HOME.”

Heyyo! I’m Hripsime, and I want to change the world. I would never have even thought about saying that before applying to AUA. Now, as a student, I say it with complete confidence, knowing that I WILL change the world. AUA gives me motivation, knowledge, and the strength to aim for the stars and become the best in my field.

When I walk into AUA, I feel happy. My smile does not go away even after hours of math and programming classes (or maybe because of ;-)). You meet your friends, have fun, gain knowledge, and have the best hours of your day. But wait, there is more than just studying.

There are so many opportunities at AUA that you should not let slip away. Take advantage of them! Besides the usual studies, I do as much as I can. I volunteer as a Student Ambassador and a Peer mentor. I started a book club with my friends called Books & Beyond. And I hope to see many new AUA students who are passionate about reading join our club! You see, it is not only studying; it is making friends, networking, helping others, and having fun.

My 2 looma
Applicants: Believe in yourself. And remember that you and you alone can affect any change you put your mind to!
Future Students: Work hard, study smart, think outside of the box, and have fun with your friends.