My Story

Anahit Tashchyan


Yerevan, Armenia

High School: Leo High School No. 65
Program of Study: BA in Business
Graduation Year: 2023

“AUA is the engine that generates unlimited inspiration and motivation towards my self-development and achievements while giving me an amazing social life as well.”

Greetings, fellow students! I am Inesa. I have been spreading joy to everyone around me since 2002 😊. I came to AUA utterly sure that it was the right place for me, where I would feel like I'm home, and that must have been one of the best decisions I have made so far. During the career-choosing path, I could not think about any specific major that will be as vitally connected to my future career perceptions as Business Administration is. I was so lucky when I found out that the major I am sure I want to pursue is available for me in my top-choice university.

It is an open secret that significant success in any business requires a quality education, strong critical thinking abilities, and obligatory diligence. The ability to properly manage an active community and satisfy your clients' needs, making your employees do what you require from them passionately. I can surely state that nothing mentioned above cannot be accomplished without the genuine experience that I have got in the AUA.

Why I also like the AUA community is that it allows us to broaden our knowledge. Besides my core courses, I took Physics and Chemistry, International Relations, and Logic and Rhetoric classes, and I want to see where this new interest will take me. I am afraid of the graduation time getting closer, as I want to remain in AUA for a long time.

When I was a freshman, I applied for the Student-Ambassador and Peer Mentoring program and got acquainted with hundreds of students. It was my second right decision, as I got the opportunity to be a representative of my lovely university, and improve my leadership and communication skills. As a result, now I am working in the admission office, where every person’s voice matters.

My favorite place in the AUA is the large auditorium stage for sure, where we, the drama club members, share our emotions after the stressful classes, act, and make jokes. I like the atmosphere that it has: red carpets, chairs, balcony... You can not imagine what feelings the members get when they visualize the auditorium with many people who applaud you.

My 2 Looma
Applicants: Make sure to attend the Open Houses, do research on your intended major of study, because the most frequently asked questions are positioned in our admission page.

Future Students: DBelieve in yourself, and don’t underestimate your abilities of quick learning. You can set and achieve your every goal!