Non-Degree Studies

AUA offers academic opportunities to individuals interested in sampling a range of graduate courses and who prefer not to pursue a degree program. Pending space availability, such individuals may pursue their studies under the non-degree student status. Such non-degree students are given access to facilities and services and hold most privileges as any other AUA student.

Non-degree students receive credit for individual courses that can later be applied towards completing a degree program. Enrollment as a non-degree student does not guarantee future admission to a degree or enrollment to a certificate program at AUA. For more information, visit the Non-Degree Status Policy  


AUA offers ten graduate programs housed in four Colleges in the fields listed to the right. Visit the website of your preferred major to learn more about the program, goals and student learning outcomes, available tracks, courses, faculty, program updates, alumni successes, and more. AUA’s Non-Degree Status offers academic opportunities to individuals interested in taking select graduate courses but are not necessarily interested in pursuing a degree.


We select students who have the skills and ability to succeed at AUA and to assure that AUA is well suited to their educational and career goals. 

Non-degree applicants should hold an undergraduate degree, be proficient in English, and submit a complete non-degree application along with all required supplements. Once you submit your application, the Office of Admissions will screen it for technical eligibility. We will then forward complete and eligible applications to the respective Academic Program for a thorough review. This may include inviting you to an interview.

You must receive approval from the Program Chair of your preferred program of interest prior to starting your non-degree application. In deciding whether to approve a non-degree application, the Program Chair considers the burden on the program and the preparedness of the applicant for study. You may register for one or more approved course(s) per semester if accepted. Should you choose not to enroll in at least one course during your semester of acceptance, we will terminate your non-degree status and you will need to reapply in the future.

Should you choose to apply to an AUA Master’s program in the future, note that you can transfer up to 25% of the total number of credits required for that degree. Non-degree students must remain in good academic standing to continue to take courses at AUA. Visit the non-degree status policy here for more information.

Application Requirements

We strongly encourage you to review the application requirements prior to beginning your application for Enrollment to Non-Degree Studies.
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You should carefully consider financing your education at AUA from the time of enrollment to the completion of your studies. AUA students in any program sign a contract with AUA upon enrollment, establishing tuition for the contract duration. All fees are paid in Armenian Dram (AMD).
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How to Apply

The Non-Degree Application for Summer/Fall 2022 Enrollment is currently available at  If you are interested in pursuing non-degree studies, first speak with a representative from the Program (contacts listed below) prior to beginning your application to ensure they will consider your candidacy. Your program must confirm whether your course(s) of interest is available for the term/semester you intend to apply. You should only complete the application after having spoken to the program representative and receiving approval via email that you can apply. To start your application, first, create and confirm your profile. Then select the “Submit an Application for Enrollment in Non-Degree Status” option. The system allows you to save your application and return to make edits at any time. 


Program Name Email Address Phone Number Website


[email protected]

+374 60 61 26 20


[email protected]

+374 60 61 26 20


[email protected]

+374 60 61 26 20


[email protected]

+374 60 61 27 40


[email protected]

+374 60 61 27 38


[email protected]

+374 60 61 26 77


[email protected]

+374 60 61 27 55


[email protected]

+374 60 612 573


[email protected]

+374 60 61 27 35


[email protected]

+374 60 61 25 92

Deadline Dates

Summer Enrollment - May 26, 2023

Fall Enrollment - August 1, 2023