Before applying to AUA, you should consider how you will finance your education. Accepted students sign a contract upon enrollment that establishes their tuition for the duration of their studies. All fees are paid in AMD.

At the time of registration, applicants are classified as:
• Citizens of the Republic of Armenia*
• Holders of Armenian Special Passports for Special Residency Status
• International Students

The cost of tuition for non-degree studies for the Spring, Summer, Fall 2022 cycles per credit is:

   Citizens of the Republic of Armenia and Armenian Special Passport Holders 
MBA, MSM, MSE 90,000 AMD/credit 190,000 AMD/credit
LL.M. 125,000 AMD/credit 292,000 AMD/credit
MPSIA, MA HRSJ, MA TEFL, ME IESM, MS CIS, MPH 70,000 AMD/credit 165,000 AMD/credit

Note:  The term “citizens” of the Republic of Armenia also includes those citizens mentioned in Chapter 1, Article 6, Clause 3 of the Republic of Armenia Law on Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education.