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3-rd year Undergraduate Student in English and Communications

Hola! I am Sofia, one of the enthusiastic and knowledgeable students of AUA. I am a senior student majoring in English and Communications. I was born in Gyumri, however I grew up in region Armavir. Ever since my teenage years, I have been passionate about teaching and translating. Growing up I made a decision to pursue them as my future careers. Getting accepted to AUA was one of the first steps in my career. I can say for sure becoming a student in this university has been by far the best experience of my life. Throughout my years of study, I accomplished many great things, such as becoming a student ambassador, peer mentor, and of course a work study student.

AUA is the place where not only you can get a lot of knowledge and experience, but also lots of new connections. To me AUA is like a melting pot of different cultures, viewpoints and moral values which help us to shape and form ourselves. I met lots of wonderful people who are an inseparable part of my life now and without AUA I definitely would not have been able to meet them. So take your chance and come to AUA!

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3-rd year Undergraduate Student in English and Communications

Բարև, I am Dayana, a senior student at American University of Armenia majoring in BA in English and Communications. I was born in greenish Vanadzor, but I live in Yerevan. I have graduated from Vanadzor State University's high school and ⁿ2 musical school the department of kanon and piano. I also studied at Vanadzor Poetry Theatre. I am an enthusiastic, multigenre person who likes revealing the world and, of course, doing something to make it better. 

AUA is one of the best stages for me to perform and realize my potential. My campus is my best friend. It is always with me and serves as a significant and shiny light in my life. Every day, every second, AUA shapes my today and my future. I am the president of the Volunteers' league and the recitation club. Also I am one of the representatives of the Student Council.  

The flexibility of my class schedule affords me the ability to pursue internships and gain real-life experience. I study with students coming from a diverse set of backgrounds. By exchanging my culture with foreigners, I understand our differences and similarities. It also helps me increase my knowledge of other cultures and their politics. Besides my core classes, I take different courses that enhance my worldly wisdom, which will help in every profession.

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