The American University of Armenia accepts applications from students looking to enter their freshman year (first year) of University as well as from students looking to transfer from other universities.

AUA practices holistic admissions – we are looking for students who succeed on and off-campus. At AUA, the decision to offer a student admission is never based on just one factor. We always look at academic credentials, exam scores, extracurricular and volunteer activities, and more.

Academic Programs

AUA offers 4-year undergraduate degrees in Business, English & Communications, Politics & Governance, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, and Data Science. All programs are offered as part of a liberal arts education to assure that graduates are specialists and well-rounded individuals who can think critically and creatively, learn independently, understand different thought processes, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively with people from different cultures and disciplines.
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Selection Process and the AUA Student Profile

AUA practices holistic admissions. We select students who have the skills and ability to succeed in their studies and for whom AUA is well suited to their educational and career goals. Once you submit your application, it is screened for technical eligibility. If eligible, the Undergraduate Admissions Committee will then conduct a thorough review of your application, which may include inviting you to an interview. Once your application is complete, you will receive notification of your admission status by email up to 12 weeks after the application deadline date.

As admission to AUA is competitive, the committee will consider both academic and personal information, including educational background, official entrance exam scores, extracurricular and volunteer experience, essays, and an interview, if applicable.
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Application Requirements

Applying to AUA may seem like a daunting task. You may wonder what documents you need to submit, what exams you should take, where to apply, etc. Review this page for detailed information about all our application requirements and to ensure you are well prepared to submit a complete application.
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Tuition and Fees

You should carefully consider the financing of your education at AUA from the time of admission to the completion of your degree. Students in degree programs sign a contract with AUA upon enrollment which establishes tuition for the duration of the contract. All fees are paid in AMD.
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How to Apply

The Application for Fall 2022 is currently available. To start your application, create and confirm your profile at im.aua.am. Then select the “Submit an Application for Admission to Undergraduate Study” option.  The system allows you to save your application and return to make edits at any time. 

Deadline Dates

The Office of Admissions launches applications well before the deadline dates. We strongly encourage you to start your application as soon as you are able and submit it well before the published deadline. Any applications submitted after deadlines are moved to the next available deadline. If there are no remaining deadlines, applications will NOT be considered.


We understand that this year's slightly revised application deadlines will negatively impact those applicants who already registered to take the SAT and ACT. Fortunately, the Undergraduate Admissions Committee will consider the following tests for the following deadlines:

Early Applicants - December 4 SAT and December 11 ACT
Regular Applicants - March 12 SAT
Rolling Applicants - June 4 SAT and June 11 ACT

We urge applicants to apply to AUA as soon as they are able. For more information about the differences between early admissions, regular admissions, and rolling admissions.   Read more


Admission to the American University of Armenia is competitive as there are more applicants than spaces available. If you are not offered admission to AUA, we welcome you to reapply in the future.

Before you reapply, we strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with our reapplication procedures to make sure you meet all application requirements.
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The information on this page is general and may be subject to change. We strongly encourage you to check the website of your preferred field of study as well as the American University of Armenia’s Undergraduate Admissions Policies for detailed information regarding the programs, admissions process and more.  If your question is not answered in these FAQs, please email the Office of Admissions at [email protected].
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Interested in viewing PDF flyers related to our undergraduate admissions process, tuition and financial aid, academic programs, or preparing for entrance exams? Check out our flyers page.
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Meet Our Students

Students at AUA find a community that challenges them, exposes them to new ideas and provides them with a lifetime of knowledge. To many of our students, AUA essentially becomes a second family. With numerous opportunities to engage on campus including student council, student clubs, student services, research centers, internships, our library, world-class faculty; our nearly 2,000 students experience AUA in their own unique way. Read through their stories and learn more about their experience.
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