Note: Fall 2024 applicants to the BA in English & Communications and BS in Nursing programs should note that submitting proof of math proficiency is optional. The UAC will conduct a holistic review of your application, including your academic performance, test scores, extracurriculars and community involvement, essays, and an interview (if you are invited to one). However, note that if you are admitted to BA in English & Communications and petition during your studies to change your major to one that requires math, you must demonstrate math proficiency as required by the programs. Please check with the program that you want to transfer for the accurate math courses/requirements.


We are sharing below the 2023 entering class profile which may be helpful to you. The below tables demonstrate the mean test scores of the undergraduate students admitted during Fall 2023, along with their medians and the lowest and highest ranges per entrance exam. As admission to AUA is competitive, we urge you to study hard and score as best as you can on your entrance exams.