My Story



Babol, Iran

High School: School of the Embassy of Iran
Program of Study: BA in English &
Graduation Year: 2023

“If there was one thing I could say I love about AUA, it would be its lively community and the inter-connected people. It's a place that teaches you a thing about your inner world and the world around you each day”.

Hey hey people! Your Iranian possible future friend is speaking to you.
I have been living in Armenia for more than ten years now, and to your surprise, I still struggle to speak Armenian fully. Currently, I am a happy sophomore student majoring in E&C (short for English and Communications, you see). Before AUA, I got admitted to a university in Tehran to study construction. However, this major did not have any relation to my passions. After deciding to stay in Armenia and researching academic programs and universities, I found my path in AUA; exploring and learning humanities and social sciences.

My love for E&C is as strong as the day I chose it. I learn about the importance of communication and how it lacks in many places in our lives, how relations work, and how language affects the way we think better each day. I now have a better picture of the world around me and my role in making it a better place to live in. How, you ask? By working towards a career in teaching and making films.

Outside the university, you will most like me find me in "Kentron" taking pictures of literally every building and monument, because oh God, I love Pink Yerevan a lot. Bicycle riding in its streets is total freedom. Moreover, I also love speaking about paintings, films, and music with passionate people:)

My 2 looma
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