My Story

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Yerevan, Armenia

High School: “Yerevak” Educational Complex
Program of Study: BA in Business
Graduation Year: 2019
Work Experience to date: Co-founder and CEO at SHE(FF), Public Relations Officer at Business Armenia

“When I look back, I realize that AUA was a life-changing opportunity. Nothing would have been the same without this experience. ”

Why did you choose to study at AUA?
I made my decision about AUA when I was 14. I was an Extension student back then and I fell in love with AUA’s educational environment and its people. Moreover, AUA has the best Business School in the country which, of course, contributed to my decision.

Why Business?
Traditionally, Armenians celebrate a baby’s first tooth with a party called Agra Hadig (ատամհատիկ). During this celebration, several items are placed in front of the baby, and whichever item is picked up first, is believed to symbolize the profession the baby will follow in the future. During my Agra Hadig in the late 90’s, I chose the dollar bill, symbolizing that I would pursue business as my profession. The idea stuck ever since. But coming from a family of economists, I geared my focus towards Economics. After several classes at AUA, my interests shifted toward Finance and Management, thanks to my professors who challenged and inspired me.

What kind of career do you want in the future?
Throughout my studies at AUA, I developed problem-solving and management skills. I also acquired entrepreneurial thinking while working on my own enterprise and advising different start-ups. One of my dreams is to bring back my expertise to AUA as a professor.

What do you feel you’ve gained since coming to AUA?
Besides gaining lifelong friends, mentors, and quality education AUA helped me find myself, taught me to become self-reliant and self-confident. Now, I am sure I will survive anywhere and stand for myself anytime.

What are your interests outside of the classroom?
I love photography. After passing all of my finals I usually took my camera, put some music on and started taking photos of minor things in the streets of Yerevan. This was how I relaxed and spent my leisure time.
I am also a co-founding CEO of SHE(FF), which is a social enterprise that helps unemployed women find both short-term and long-term projects to monetize their skills. While talking about my start-up, I always credit AUA’s EPIC, through which I developed the idea generated during my studies, and whose utmost support turned this idea into a reality.

Do you have any tips/ advice for future AUA applicants and students?
Applicants: Don’t be afraid to apply. AUA is both challenging and motivating. Don’t forget to take advantage of Open Classes.

Future students: Squeeze all the lemons that AUA throws your way. Read your emails attentively and attend conferences, meetings, and workshops that AUA organizes. Trust me, classes are just one part of student life at AUA. The rest is comprised of extracurricular activities outside the classroom and is worth experiencing!