My Story

Arman Babayan


Yerevan, Armenia

High School: Quantum College
Program of Study: BS in Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2023
Work experience to date: Work-Study at the Office of Admissions, AUA

"Studying at AUA is what makes me more confident in myself and the person that I am going to become.
It motivates me to become a better version of myself and a better software engineer. Ultimately it will
enable me to leave my mark in this field."

Hello there! I am Arman, but everyone calls me by my last name Babayan. I began learning English at the age of six. Fast forward to high school. I adored the American education system. I was in a class focused on Physics and Math. While most of my class intended to apply to the Physics department at YSU, I knew early on that I wanted to become a Computer Scientist. So I applied to several top universities in the US. My school community rarely talked about AUA, so I found out about it quite late. When I did my research, I was thrilled. I now had the opportunity to study at an American college, considered the best university in my country, without leaving my homeland or paying $200 000 dollars for my education.

I find AUA to be a great place for many things. It’s like a second home. When the campus is open, I usually leave around 10pm. I truly believe that AUA was built to gift its students utter joy and comfort during the education process. My favorite places? Hanging out at the Triangle Park or studying in the cafeteria with a warm cup of coffee.

And as my journey at AUA continues, I have made many friends, learned from incredible instructors, and
taken the first steps in becoming the specialist of my dreams. Outside of class, I enjoy coding, watching
classic movies, and unearthing new music. I can’t wait to meet the future freshmen.

My 2 looma
Applicants: Do not procrastinate in preparing for your entrance exams. Start preparing for each exam several months (even more if you can) before your test date. Attend Open Houses and stream Facebook Live sessions hosted by AUA’s Office of Admissions. Do your research and be confident in your major of choice!
Future Students: Make sure you prioritize deep knowledge over easy grades. Don’t get stressed out over careless mistakes.