My Story



Home University: Viadrina European University
Studied at AUA in: Fall 2017
Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Why did you want to study abroad?
I’m originally from Germany. I wanted to study abroad to gain experience outside of Germany and to improve my Armenian language skills. I studied International Business, so AUA’s business degree worked well with my major.

How did you find out about AUA as a study abroad destination?
I first heard about AUA as a study abroad destination in 2015 at the Innovate Armenia festival at the University of Southern California (USC). I definitely received a lot of support from AUA during the application process.

Why did you choose AUA to study abroad?
I chose AUA because it offers a high quality education in Armenia, which is at a similar level as in Germany.

What were the challenges of studying abroad at AUA?
One of the biggest challenges for me personally was the difference between the American and the German university system. It took a few weeks to accustom myself to the smaller classes. In Germany, classes are usually 300 or 400 students, so the classes at AUA provided a different, more personal experience. I could directly talk to the professors.

Did the experience change your professional or academic goals?
My experience at AUA has further strengthened my goal to live and work in Armenia to help improve the country in the future. I first came to Armenia in 2015 for the 100th anniversary of the genocide, and I then decided I wanted to come every year. In the future, I hope to move to Armenia and work in development.

Did you have any concerns about financing study abroad? How did you overcome them?
Unfortunately my university did not have an Erasmus agreement with AUA. As such, I had to finance the study abroad myself. Fortunately, my parents supported me financially.

What were some of the highlights of your time at AUA?
The dorm life with students from all over the world was one of my highlights at AUA. I met an Armenian guy from Africa, which was the first time that I met anyone from that part of the world. One of my favorite memories from living in the dorms was feeding the street cat that always hung around.

What advice do you have for students interested in studying at AUA?
Check out AUA’s student clubs and get involved in lots of activities outside class.

Hayko finished his undergraduate studies, worked as an intern in Germany, and is now pursuing his master’s degree in Business Administration in Berlin.

Interested in contacting him about his experience?
Email him at [email protected]