My Story

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Ejmiatsin, Armenia

High School: Eurnekian High School
Program of study: BS in Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2021
Work Experience to date: Videographer at Khan Academy Armenia

Why did you choose AUA?
I heard about AUA from one of my 10th grade teachers. I was absolutely drawn to the idea of obtaining a general education while majoring in my preferred field of study in the English language. This encouraged me to research and find out more about AUA. After attending many open houses, I fell madly in love with AUA and its community.

Why Computer Science?
Frankly speaking, I was going to apply for the BA in Business program, but when I learned more about Computer Science during the open houses, I realized it was what I wanted to do with my life. I am so happy with my decision! I enjoy each and every second I spend studying the field, even with the exception of final exams:)

What kind of career do you want in the future?
I am mostly interested in maths, algorithms, and problem-solving. However, the GenEd classes of AUA helped me discover my love for Law and Human Rights. So, I would love to connect the IT world to Law in the future to contribute to the development of Cyber Law in Armenia… or maybe I’ll become an actor, who knows?

What do you feel you’ve gained since coming to AUA?
I have developed a lot of skills, such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, leadership, and team-working, which I will definitely use throughout my whole life. Secondly, studying in a multicultural environment, I have had a chance to get to know people from other cultures and be a part of cultural exchange. Last, but not least, I have met awesome people amongst professors and my fellow students, some of whom have become my leaders, mentors, and best friends.

Where is your favorite spot on campus?
My favorite spot on campus is the Student Union (SU). When I have long breaks between my classes I immediately run there, as I know I’ll run into all of my friends. There, we always prepare for classes and play board games, when we have time.

What are your interests outside of the classroom?
Activism against social injustices is something I am very passionate about and I am trying to do my best to ensure the elimination of any kind of discrimination and violence in Armenia. I also enjoy tutoring mathematics and English. In fact, I have been working at Khan Academy Armenia for about two years now as a math teacher/videographer and I have about 400 videos on different math topics. In this way, I contribute to making quality education freely accessible to anyone and anywhere.

Your advice to applicants and future students:
Applicants: Research, research, research. Try to find out everything about different AUA programs to decide which one is most suitable for you.
Future students: When admitted, use all the resources available. In fact, AUA has lots of them, from the library, Center for Student Success, Math and Writing Center, the labs, etc.) Also, don’t forget to attend AUA plays, concerts, and parties to have fun and enjoy your student life!

Interested in contacting me about my experience?
Email me at [email protected]