Auto Denials 2021

Note: E&C and P&G applicants should note that while math is an important indicator, we understand that some students who are heavily focused on humanities have not studied math for a long time. For Fall 2021, given the Coronavirus pandemic and limited SAT/ACT exams, we are waiving the math requirement for applicants applying to these two programs. The UAC will conduct a holistic review of your application which includes looking at your academic performance, test scores, extracurriculars and community involvement, essays, and an interview (if you are invited to one). However, note that if you are admitted to E&C or P&G and petition during your studies to change your major to one that requires math, you must demonstrate math proficiency by taking the ACT or SAT exams (and scoring at or above the targets) or by successfully taking and completing a math course at AUA. This does not apply to applicants who meet the math target scores for other programs at the time of application.


While we have listed target scores above, we think the 2020 entering class profile may be even more helpful. Of all students admitted during the Fall 2020 undergraduate admissions cycle, the below is a list of their mean test scores. As you’ll note, these scores are higher than the target scores. As admission to AUA is competitive, we urge you to study hard and score as best as you can on your entrance exams.

Entering Class Profile